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    Frequently asked question

    Hobson’s Choice was started during the severe drought in the Western Cape in 2015 – 2017. Born out of the need to grow vegetables using minimal water as we were under heavy water restrictions at the time. Today the water situation has improved but, the Western Cape is still facing a future water shortage crisis as our population increases in urban areas and as climate change influences the annual rainfall in the region.  

    Yes, our HC-Plus Prescription Blend only effects parasites and insects that bite into a plant whereby coming into contact with plant sap. You will notice that after an application the target pests will not fall down dead but will stop feeding. Bees and other pollinating insects will not be affected and neither will any predatory animals that happen to feed on the target insects i.e. birds, ladybugs, shrews etc. Even if you pets eat a targeted insect, nothing will happen.      

      HC-Plus is made from premium locally sourced insect Frass. Insect Frass is a source of Chitin which when broken down into its basic components can be absorbed by plants to produce their own array of enzymes that can stop and deter saprophytic pests, fungi and nematodes.  For a more in-depth explanation of the processes, please check back in a bit to create a user account to access a library of research literature that will be available to our subscribers. (This function will be added soon.)   

    We are looking forward to answering any questions you may have.

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