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Started in 2020

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Hobson's Choice History

Our HCT product range is developed with conservation and sustainability principals in mind. Initially born out of the need to conserve valuable water during the 2015 – 2017 drought in the Western Cape.  Frank Hobson, CEO and Co Founder of Hobson’s Choice began to explore the ancient techniques of hand made plant pots. Using only natural and biodegradable materials he created our exciting range of Nature Grow Pots, Rings and Nuggets. Rebirthing an ancient Egyptian innovation, though to have been the first civilization to make and used containers to secure and grow plants in a similar fashion as our Nature Pots.  

Our Nature Pots and Rings are constructed from 100% biodegradable materials and naturally fortified to degrade slowly as the seed sprouts and grows providing minerals and nutrients from the breakdown of the Nature Pot.  This innovation enabled us to grow vegetables during the drought period in the sandy Noordhoek soils using minimal water.  Our Eco-Pots are a perfect for high value crop seed sprouting, provide optimal root protection from seed to seedling all the way through till planting out.