Assisting farmers to better their crop yield!

We produce a natural and organic range of pest control, bio-fertigation and plant grow solutions.

HCT products boosts plant immunity, promote vigorous plant growth and vitality and will ultimately increasing your crop yield. 

Perfect for organic and regenerative farmers as well as environmentally conscious gardeners. 

Why Choose Us

biodegradable products

Biodegradable Products

We work with nature to create biodegradable products that are safe for the environment.


Sustainable Products

Our products are made in a sustainable way, using sustainable materials from local suppliers.

hand made products

Hand Made Products

Our Grow Pots and Rings are hand made and provide work and income for local unemployed people.

recycled products


We take an active and responsible role in reusing and recycling plastic containers and materials used in the manufacture and distribution of our products.

Our Services

Assisting you and your team with natural methods of growth!

HCT Workshops​

We have workshops to assist you and your team, from natrally looking after your soil to managing the pests that eat your crops the organic way.

Research & Development

Assisting you and your team to create products that would meet your individual need.

Young carrots being checked for signs of nematode damage.
Iceberg Lettuce
HCT Insect Frass Blend

About H.C.T.

Our Hobson’s Choice Trading product range is developed with conservation and sustainability principles in mind. Initially born out of the need to conserve valuable water during the 2015 – 2017 drought in the Western Cape.  

Client Testimonials

“The liquid fertiliser totally transformed my homestead, increasing the yield of our crops, Thanks so much!”
Paul Hutchinson - Homesteader
Paul Hutchinson - WC, Noodhoek, urban sustainable farmer.
“Never in my life, have I had such healthy wholesome plants. I can't believe it! Its like Jack and the bean stork!”
Wayne Van Heerden - WC, Cape Town, Home grower.
“I was introduced to HCT by a fellow agricultural farmer and consultant when I had a problem with Fusarium attacking my lettuce. The results were phenomenal! Not only did HCT get rid of the fusarium, but my yields increased tremendously too! HCT is a great natural pest control product that I can highly recommend as part of your weekly application program.
Peter Cramer - Farmer
Peter Cramer - KZN Regenerative Farmer.

Sustainable and healthy food production that is in balance with Mother nature is critical for our collective survival and that of our children.

Hobson’s Choice is a phrase that originated in England in the 1500’s because of Thomas Hobson (1544 – 1631). A Hobson’s Choice is an illusion of choices where actually only one choice exists. The sustainability of our future depends on the choices we make today, what products we buy and use and the environmental impact of those decisions. In reality there is only one choice and collectively society needs to change quickly to secure a sustainable future for our children before it is too late! – Paul Maratos, ND Nature Conservation & Co-founder of Hobson’s Choice Trading (PTY) Ltd.